Societies Reflect How They Are Governed

Societies Reflect How They Are Governed

The key driver behind global debt and deficit, inequality, poverty, student debt, deep divisions within society.

2017; Can YOU change the world?

"The Queen could be in line for a 6.5 per cent increase in her taxpayer-funded income to £45.6 million - amounting to a 47 per cent increase in the

Duplicity and the OECD

Please read this article on Pensions Apartheid published 8th December 2016, Telegraph; What is really interesting about the Telegraph article is what

Private Sector Employees; Should you all get a job with the Government?

According to this article from those brilliant people at Money Wise the answer is a resounding yes; Will Trump Organization employees retire whilst

Some US / UK data to think about......

Transparency International Corruptions Index (2015); Country Index (100 = clean) Denmark 91 (ranked

Steve Webb, Cameron's Former Pensions Minister has a "Revelation"​

Why did he choose to ignore this issue when he was in a position to do something about it? Rather than being a net beneficiary of corrupt Governance

The Duplicity of the IMF

The IMF, headed up by Christine Lagarde, are insisting Greece cut their "generous pensions"; "Greece needs to make pension cuts in order to make the

A Reminder of What and Who is Important

"Last night the Speaker's Office refused to reveal the figures involved in the mole hunt. A spokesman said: "This is an internal inquiry so we don't

Big Government, Small Government. A pointless debate.

In round numbers the UK's total tax take is circa 30% of GDP. Voters throughout the OECD have for the most part understood that a vote for the left is

Brexit, Their No 1 Concern.

Those of you who follow my work will already know the answer. What is the number one concern of the EU in regards to the Brexit divorce? The Ponzi

Many People Believe Rail Travel in the UK is Expensive? Really??

The Problem With The United Nations

The UN embrace the same corrupt practice as adopted by the vast majority of it's member states. The definition of "corruption" for the purposes of all

Should We Recognise The Financial Abuse of Children?

We recognise many forms of abuse. Physical, sexual, emotional etc in the eyes of the law. Our law makers are not prepared however to recognise the

Fiscally inept or just immoral?

In the graph above a negative value means the Danish Government spent more money than they received ie a "budget deficit". The positive values are the

3 years is the "foreseeable future"​ for public sector Actuaries in the context of pension provision.

There has been a systematic erosion of the benefits of the poorest people in our society by the UK Government in an attempt to get the Welfare budget

Cooking The Books

Gordons infamous £5bn / year tax raid in 1997 on pension funds I believe will go down in history as the moment the Government created pensions

Denmark, the least corrupt nation....again!!

Many have tried to explain why Denmark remains the least corrupt nation on earth. The research is extensive and enlightening. However all fail to

Labour the creator, Cameron the custodian.

£1.5 trillion, up 50% in 5 short years. The latest news on the consequences of our law-makers refusing to grasp the nettle for nothing other than